Odorex Pet Cleanup Concentrate

Size: 100ml Sample
Available for pet care professionals ONLY. Max 1 per customer.
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Odorex works on contact with the solution so ensure you use enough solution to soak the effected area and penetrate the surface to reach the source of the odour. 

1. Remove as much waste as possible from the area. 

2. Unscrew lid and remove seal (if present). 

3. Add 1 part PCC to 25 parts clean water. 

4. Apply direct or by spray to the problem areas and allow to dry. 

5. Can be safely used in conjunction with most regular detergents if additional cleaning power is required. Can also be added to the rinse cycle when washing animal bedding. 

6. For maximum safety keep out of reach of children and spot test delicate fabrics before use. 

7.If using the hand pump with the 5L Concentrate, pump 4 times for a 1L diluted solution.

Biodegradable surfactants, odour neutralisers, fragrant oil blend, benzalkonium chloride.

Customer Reviews

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Andrea Walden
Pet concentrate clean up

A must to have! eliminates nasty odours and also great to add to your dog washing! Fantastic product!

Leigh and Heath Lyttle

Great amazing product > i have used this product in the vet clinics i have managed over years, it is the best you can buy. I have tried so many others but no where as good as Odorex. It a total Must buy!!! I'm a big fan of Odorex :)

Jithen Singh

Awesome product! I was looking for something to help with cleaning our garage. We have two little Swedish Vallhund puppies and while they are growing up, they can tend to have a few mistakes in their pens. Odorex Kennel Cleaner has helped us sanitise and clean their areas easily. Its well scented and the dogs don't mind it. Very happy with the product and fast/simple order process. Thanks

Kevin Kershaw

Just getting used to the product but I do like it.

Tina Martin, Ampoter Tibetan Spaniels

I had been having trouble getting rid of the urine smell from my boys x 6 as they would be competing to see who would be the last on top pee. I put 2 caps in a large sprayer and walked around my dog runs and the neighbours fence lines. I then used another 2 caps in the sprayer and sprayed all the ground areas in the other dog enclosure where the girls go x6. Amazing product. I used a smaller sprayer in the kennel room and sprayed all their crates. No more dog smell. Fantastic. My biggest hate is the dog crates in my dog van and your product made that job so easy.

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