Odorex Pet Urine Stain Detector

Size: Individual Unit
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1. Wait until it’s dark, turn off the lights. 

2. Let your eyes adjust for at least 30 seconds then move slowly through your home. Areas with pet pee will glow a dull white/yellow colour. 

3. Treat contaminated areas with Odorex Cat Odour Eliminator, Odorex Animal Odour Eliminator or Odorex Pet Cleanup Concentrate depending on the type and severity of the problem. 

To Insert Batteries: 

1. Unscrew the end with the strap attached. 

2. Let the battery case fall out of main shell. 

3. Insert 3 x AAA batteries (on the end of the case you will see either a + or – sign indicating which way each battery should be inserted. 

4. Slide battery case back inside main shell (on the side of the battery case you will see arrows to show you which way the shell should be inserted. 

5. Screw the end back on and click the button near the strap.

• 385 - 395nm wavelength - perfect for detecting stains.  

• Batteries not included (3 x AAA, approx 50 hours).

Customer Reviews

Based on 121 reviews
Valerie Bullock

I volunteer for a cat rescue charity and have tried home-made remedies with some success but which were also time consuming and not great for the vacuum cleaner. Fellow volunteers put me onto odorex and it works amazingly well and is so easy to use. It smells great initially and doesn't leave a chemical odour. I also bought the UV blacklight torch which showed up lots of kitty mishaps. Highly recommended.

David C.

Awesome product

Debbie Richards

The torch works brilliantly in a dark room. Unfortunately, we were able to see that our cat has done a lot of marking - more than we had suspected :( Odorex customer service was great and delivery of the torch was fast. Thank you.

Linda Anderson-Hale

Fast service. It is amazing how many old stains you find with the black light. Well worth the money.

Sarah Pennicott
Great product

Great products, sadly I've had to use the pet products multiple times since buying and they do a great job. The UV light has helped me find some missed accidents, and can't wait to try the dog shampoo.

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