Odorex® is manufactured with pride by Resource Developments NZ Ltd, a family owned company specialising in odour control with a range of eleven proprietary deodorising products for people and pets.

Bronwyn Roberts, Sales and Marketing Director

Odorex® Foot And Shoe Deodoriser was developed by founding partner Dr R.J.Merchant in 1988 and it quickly established a reputation on both sides of the Tasman as a product which “really worked.” Distributors were appointed to service pharmacy and footwear retailers in NZ and Australia and later sold in Foodtown supermarkets.

In 1995 we successfully tendered for the right to supply the NZ Defence Force with foot and body dusting powder. A year later two new brands of deodorising powder called Sweet Feet for footwear were developed in three variants targeted at the budget buyer and sold in Woolworths, Countdown and later The Warehouse. At the request of NZ Dairy, OdourGarde (now called Odorex Industrial Footwear Deodoriser) was developed to target the industrial market and is now sold to NZ Steel.

Three years later we introduced our range of pet deodorising products and Masterpet was appointed as the NZ distributor. In 2000 a range of fishing related products Odorex® Fish-Off and Odorex® Fisherman’s Soap were developed and distributed by Kilwell in NZ.

We are constantly improving our existing products and developing new ones so if you have a smelly problem Contact Us and let us help you solve it!