Odorex Animal Odour Eliminator

Volume: 450mls
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All Odorex® odour eliminators work on contact with the source of the odour so enough solution must be used to reach the source. Depending on the serverity of the accident/stain this might mean soaking the area or even repeating the treatment. 

1. Remove as much waste as possible from area. 

2. Rotate cap to the spray position before use and spray directly on the source of the odour for fast, permanent relief. 

3. If the smell persists, re-apply, making sure that the source of the odour is adequately sprayed. 

4. Treat tough cat pee stains with Odorex Cat Odour Eliminator or larger areas with Pet Cleanup Concentrate. Use Odorex Pet Stain Detector for difficult to find odours. 

5. For maximum safety keep out of reach of children and spot test delicate fabrics before use.

Biodegradable surfactants and odour neutralisers.

Customer Reviews

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Andrew Cox

The Odorex animal odour remover is great. Removed rat urine odour from the shed in a day.

Rowan Macrae

We have three Siamese who have taken exception to the Birman who lives down the road. The BIrman is a lovely chap but had been used to treating our house and section as his own space while the house was being built. Lots of territorial behaviour as a consequence - in spite of our microchip-activated cat door. Thank you, Odorex, for dealing with the evidence! About to order my next bottle!

Rachel W
Works OK

Well, my couch does smell less like cat spray so it does work to combat pee smell, but now my lounge smells quite strongly of the product instead. Personally I don’t like the way it smells, as other reviewers do. I feel like I’m sitting in a vet waiting room lol. I’m sure it will fade with time!

Hi Rachel, thank you for your review. We are sorry to hear that the smell is not to your liking but you are correct it will dissapate quickly. And yes it's used in lots of vet clinics too so that's why you probably recognise the smell. Can I suggest for cat pee on porous surfaces like couches that you try the Cat Odour Eliminator instead as sometimes with sprays like the AOE the odour eliminating solution can't reach all of the cat pee that's soaked through.


Love this product - Smells so good

Julie Mitchell
Does what it says

I have an elderly cat who unfortunately when upset urinates outside her litter tray. The odour eliminator is the only product that does what it says. I have tried lots of other products and they did not work like this one. I also use the spray animal odour eliminator again very good. Delivery is very prompt.

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