Top Boat Cleaning Tips For An Odour Free Boat This Summer

Summer is the perfect opportunity to get out on the boat.

Just picture those long, sunny days with your fishing line dangling in the water.
Sounds pretty blissful, right?

What isn’t blissful… those pesky damp and fishy odours that lurk around your boat.

Luckily, we’ve got you covered with all our best boat cleaning tips to keep your boat smelling sweet this summer and beyond. Read on to find out what they are:

Top Boat Cleaning Tips For An Odour Free Boat This Summer

Air It Out

The problem with boats is that you probably don’t get to use them as much as you’d like. Often, that can mean they are shut up for long periods of time without any ventilation. This can cause musty and stale smells to form.

So, our first (and simplest) tip is to simply air out the cabin, trunks and other enclosed areas every week. Pull off the covers, swing open those hatches and let the fresh air flow through, releasing the build up of stale air trapped inside.

Remove Offending Items

There are lots of items that can cause a bit of a stink on a boat… literally! Anything that has been wet, anything that has touched a fish, and any kind of food or drink item.

If any of these items are left on the boat, they will start to smell and could leave their odour in places you don’t want them to. So, after you’ve been out for the day, make sure any items that don’t belong on the boat are removed, all wet gear is washed and dried, and all fishing tackle is cleaned. This reduces the risk of offending items stinking up your boat!

Wipe As You Go

Messes get worse the longer you leave them. So, it is best to clean up any spills or messes as they occur. That way, you don’t get a build-up of gunk that is hard to scrub off. A little spray of Odorex Fish-Off and a damp cloth will deal with the mess before it becomes a long term (and smelly) problem.

Clean Before You Close

As we mentioned above, your boat probably spends a large portion of its time closed up. So, before you seal the doors for the week, make sure all the problem areas are clean. That way, when you come back to the boat next weekend, it will be odour-free!

Here are some of the areas to watch out for:

  • Toilet bowl and seat
  • Shower area
  • Fish preparing station
  • Fridge and freezer
  • Seating
  • Fish storage
  • Carpets

Keeping these spaces clean doesn’t have to be hard, Odorex Fish-Off is specifically designed for using on all boat surfaces. It not only cleans and removes stains, but it also neutralises odours. Grab yours here.

Inside And Out

Keeping your boat clean will extend the lifespan of the materials and can improve functionality too. But, each surface will require a different cleaning tactic. Here’s how to clean the major areas:

Carpet: Marine carpet is a bad offender for musty smells. Regular vacuuming and brushing with a stiff brush will keep it day-to-day clean. Spot clean any stains with our Fish-Off spray, and use a wet vac for an intensive clean before winterising the boat.

Non-slip Fiberglass: While standard fibreglass should be waxed to keep its condition, you don’t want to use wax on the non-slip areas or they won’t be non-slip for very long! Instead, clean with a stiff brush, spot clean with Fish-Off spray, and spray down with Click to Clean Boat wash to cut through stubborn grease and grime.

Hard surfaces: Surfaces like vinyl, countertops and fish bins should be regularly wiped with warm, soapy water. Sanitise with Fish-Off to keep odours away.

Soft surfaces: Cushions can trap smells over time. Wash the covers in cold water and line dry them. Sprinkle the foam with baking soda and leave it for a couple of hours, then shake the power off. Spray with Fish-Off and rinse with a hose, then repeat the process if needed.

Exterior: While odours don’t tend to cling to the exterior of your boat, it is important to clean all exterior surfaces as part of your cleaning routine! The easiest way to do this is our purpose created Click to Clean Boat spray which attaches to your hose and sanitises as it cleans. It’s especially good for disinfecting blige areas.

Now, you are ready to hit the water with an odour-free boat and keep it smelling sweet all summer long! For all things boat cleaning, browse our range here.

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