Odorex Pet Cleanup Concentrate

Size: 100ml Sample
Available for pet care professionals ONLY. Max 1 per customer.
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Odorex works on contact with the solution so ensure you use enough solution to soak the effected area and penetrate the surface to reach the source of the odour. 

1. Remove as much waste as possible from the area. 

2. Unscrew lid and remove seal (if present). 

3. Add 1 part PCC to 25 parts clean water. 

4. Apply direct or by spray to the problem areas and allow to dry. 

5. Can be safely used in conjunction with most regular detergents if additional cleaning power is required. Can also be added to the rinse cycle when washing animal bedding. 

6. For maximum safety keep out of reach of children and spot test delicate fabrics before use. 

7.If using the hand pump with the 5L Concentrate, pump 4 times for a 1L diluted solution.

Biodegradable surfactants, odour neutralisers, fragrant oil blend, benzalkonium chloride.

Customer Reviews

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Mrs K’s Dog Grooming
Consistently amazing - Pet Clean Up Concentrate

Love love love this product - use it for everything from spritzing between customers, washing the floor to doing the laundry - just adore this product!!!!

Eye opener

I didn't think we suffered from "doggy smell" until washing everything in Odorex! I have definitely added this to my must use list and will be recommending to others as well

Our Go to Cleaner for our kennels, garage and pet laundry

The new clear version is an improved version of the trusted kennel cleaner which keeps our kennels, dog cages, garage space and pet clothes and towels all clean and smelling great.

Wendy Hewitt
very popular

A popular product and well liked

Sarah Fellows
Perfect product

I have used Odorex several times now & I find it so good for getting rid of pet odors. The pet shampoo is beautiful and smells so nice.

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