Odorex Pet Cleanup Concentrate

Size: 100ml Sample
Available for pet care professionals ONLY. Max 1 per customer.
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Owned by Black Cats

This stuff is great… you do have do do it a couple of times for old stains but the instructions are clear and it works!

Gareth Jones
A cattery with no nasty niffs

Our cattery has been using the Odourex pet clean up concentrate for a number of years, as you can imaging running a cattery can have it's challenges and with up to 60 cats staying at any one time making sure that the cattery is clean and odourless is of paramount importance.The pet clean up concentrate makes this task simple for us and also gets great feedback from our customers because there is no nasty smells in the cattery, we are that pleased with the product that we have decided to stock the range for our custoimers to ba able to access it too.

Tony and Michelle Stanley
Revised concentrate

Removed the blue coloring which is not a problem but the product seems to be a tad more diluted. Works well but need more for same effect

Camille Courtois

Love the products so much, helped make a huge difference in our home with with 3 cats 5 dogs + furry guests!

Narumi Takamori
Odorex Cleanup

It cleans and removes the odour fast and well!! We love it.

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