In 2019 Auckland University Microbiology Lab researched the effectiveness of Odorex Foot and Shoe Deodorising Powder.

The folloiwng results prove Odorex is effective against the main organisms that cause foot and shoe odour. It should be noted that the Odorex claim that “1 puff of powder (equal to approximately 100mg ie. nearly 17 times the minimum effective amount used in the Auckland University Study) in shoes each day for a week, will keep shoes odour free for at least 6 months” is more than reasonable.

The antimicrobial activity of Odorex samples were assessed using a standard protocol for determining the minimum bactericidal concentration (MBC) for insoluble powders in Tryptic Soy broth (TSB). The samples were tested at the concentrations of 40 mg/ml, 60 mg/ml, 80 mg/ml and 100 mg/ml for their ability to kill Dermatophilus congalensis, Brevibacterium linens and Kytococcus sedentarius (the bacterial species identified as the primary causative agents of foot odour)over 7 days incubation, with surviving cells identified by plating to Tryptic Soy agar plates and the counting of colonies that grow after 24 – 48 hrs  incubation.

Results after three biological replicates have shown that the Odorex sample is active against Dermatophilus congalensis, Brevibacterium linens and Kytococcus sedentarius. Control samples were run in parallel and results are shown in figure 1 and table 1.

Figure 1. The MBC of Odorex powder against bacteria associated with foot odour. The minimum and maximum concentrations tested are indicated on the graph

Table 1. The activity of Odorex powder against bacteria associated with foot odour. The results for controls with powder alone (to test for contaminants in the powder), media alone (to test for contaminants during the experimental procedures) and with no powder (to show bacteria would normally grow) are also shown.

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