In a culture where people treat pets as an integral part of their family and are willing to spend the money necessary to keep them healthy and happy, kennel and cattery owners are in a unique position.

68% of New Zealand households own at least one pet, a higher percentage than in any comparable country and with a $358 million spend for veterinary services and $166 million on healthcare products it’s evident that pet owners do not skimp when it comes to pet care.

This massive community has another thing in common: they can’t take their pet with them everywhere they go. Many people must travel, and they turn to boarding facilities for professional care in their absence. Although a boarding facility is important to many pet owners, commodities like grooming, training and retail products are a plus.

Why not make your boarding facility a one-stop shop for dogs and increase your profit? Here’s how:


If it were up to dog owners, their pet would always be well groomed. But let’s be realistic, between day-to-day and vet visit costs, regular grooming can be put on the backburner.

That’s why offering grooming at your boarding facility can be in your favor. If a dog owner is already boarding their pet, the decision to have their dog groomed as well is much easier. Out of site, out of mind. Which leads us to our next point.


Consider the challenges of a pet owner. If you can offer them something they either don’t have the time for or the skill to do on their own, your services become much more valuable.

Training a dog takes time and dedication. Why not offer dog training at your boarding facility? This way the owner knows that the time their dog is at your facility, it is not only cared for, but also trained to learn new skills.

Want to make dog training a focal point? Offer group classes or private lessons that involve your customers as well as the dogs.

One Less Thing

Another simple way to increase sales and make your facility the go-to place for dogs is to offer retail items. Carrying food, accessories, grooming tools, treats and health products for dogs takes away an extra errand for dog owners and increases your profit. Whether it’s organic dog food or specialty leashes, consider what is important to dog owners today and look into carrying products that address those interests.

If you own a kennel or cattery and are looking for another revenue stream – talk to us today about selling Odorex in store, we will support you with market the products and help you drive more sales.

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