Are You and Your Pet Prepared for Disaster?

June is National Pet Preparedness Month, and with it a great reminder how essential it is to take steps to ensure our furry friends are ready for any disaster that might come our way. Follow these tips to keep your pet safe during an emergency:

1. Create a Pet Emergency Kit: Have an emergency kit with necessary items for your pet, including a few days' worth of food, water, a leash, a blanket, poop bags, a first aid kit and any necessary medications. Don't forget to pack their favourite toys to make them feel more comfortable. Consider other items your pet may need, like calming products. Most emergency shelters will require your pet to be crated so make sure your carrier and crates are accessible.

2. Keep Vet Records Handy: Keep a copy of your pet's vaccination records and medical information in a waterproof container. This information can be crucial in an emergency.

4. Identification: Make sure your pet is microchipped and has a current name tag with updated contact details. It is also a good idea to have a current photo of you and your pet in their emergency kit.

5. Know where to go: Identify a safe location outside of your area where you can take your pet if you need to evacuate. Have the contact information of pet-friendly hotels, friends, and family members who can help take care of you and you furry friend.

6. Stay together: Keep your pet on a leash while transporting them or during the first few days after a disaster. Secure cats in their carrier or in an undamaged area of your home.

7. Know who to contact: Have a plan in place with a friend or family member who can take care of your pet if you can't get home. Keep your vet's contact information and the Pet Poison Helpline number on hand. Make sure to have updated stickers on your front door letting emergency personal know how many pets are in the home should they need to get in to rescue them.

9. Odour Control: Keep a reliable odour control solution on hand - your pet may be prone to marking/spraying if in someone Elses home. We recommend Odorex Animal Odour Eliminator.

10. Training: Basic training can help your pet respond well in unexpected situations and strengthen your bond.

11. Car Safety: Secure your pet in your vehicle with a pet-approved safety harness or carrier. Keep a leash in your car in case of an emergency.

By taking these steps, you'll be prepared for any emergency that might come your way, allowing you to keep your pet safe and healthy. Remember, it's better to be overprepared than underprepared, so take the time to create a pet emergency kit and make a plan today.

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