Odorex Deodorising Pet Shampoo

Volume: 500mls
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Joseph Samuels

Odorex Deodorising Pet Shampoo

Lilo Merker
Good product

My little dog Gigi was the first to try your products. We went to the the beach and she rolled in something very fishy smell. I needed to have all windows down.
I washed her with the shampoo. And no smell was left. Very good product indeed.
Happy that we stock in in our shop.


Dogs smell fantastic - removes the day care stench with ease. The long haired boy goes silky and knot free. Not sure if it is just my imagination but it seems to help get the loose hair out of the short haired guy. Both have sensitive skin and it doesn't irritate them at all.

Ken Bennett

Leaves our dog’s fur soft clean and pleasantly smelling

Catherine Maclean

Love love love! This stuff actually gets rid of stinky smells from his coat and he is so super soft afterwards. I discovered this shampoo when our dog rolled in something disgusting at the beach, he reeked of stinky rotten fish. My dog shampoo didn't get rid of the smell at all but a friend lent me Odorex and it totally got rid of it. I've since bought both the pet shampoo and the Deo for Dogs. Highly recommend them - they actually work! And now the dog gets extra cuddles from the kids because they love how soft he is after a bath!

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