Odorex Fish-Off

Size: 450ml
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Odorex works on contact with the solution so ensure you use enough solution to soak the affected area and penetrate the surface to reach the source of the odour. 

1. Rotate cap to the spray position before use. 

2. Spray the source of the odour, wet thoroughly with Fish-Off and allow to dry. Soak badly soiled areas for best results. 

3. Safe to use directly on hands, clothes, carpet etc. 

4. Very effective with most detergents – simply add to rinse and wash water as required. 

5. Helps remove most fish related stains. 

6. Avoid application with chlorine based products (bleaches) which reduce the deodorising ability of Odorex® Fish-Off. 

7. For maximum safety keep out of reach of children and spot test delicate fabrics before use.

Biodegradable surfactants, sanitiser and odour neutralisers

Customer Reviews

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Love this product. Fish smell is gone. We use for after cooking seafood dish.not only get rid off fish odours. Also the rubbish bin. Sink. Etc. I try to get it from a marine shop. But they no longer sell it. Hope I can get more.

Ordered by: Tamzin

We love this product, owning a small fishing shop where we handle bait on a daily basis it is so nice to give our hands a quick spray after each customer rather than needing to run away to wash them! Best product out for removing bait smells!

Ray Voigt

best thing since sliced bread I use it on the boat , on bait boards after cleaning , fishing rods and lures , and in chilly bins after cleaning . No fish smell left at all.
ray V

Kylie S.

I love this product. We go fishing quite a bit and it's hard to get the fishy smell off things but this works amazingly. Worked great on bait smells too.


This works well. The spray bottle is easy to use and the fragrance is effective without being over powering

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